Get back to the coaching You'd rather be doing.

Tech + Marketing Made Easy is your personalized roadmap to getting back to your zone of genius knowing you have the systems, software, and strategies you need to succeed.

Ashley is here to help you achieve coaching success by making tech and marketing easy.

You don't have to do this alone.

You can be confidently in control of your business and:

  • Showing up and standing out online with consistent branding and messaging that aligns with and attracts your ideal clients.
  • Accomplishing what you set out to do because you can choose the projects and goals that benefit your unique business most.
  • Attracting clients by using your unique way of showing up online that sets you apart from others in your niche, so people flock to you for your products and services.
  • Creating strategic and streamlined offers that weave into a coherent ecosystem that works effortlessly for you and your clients.
  • Owning your niche and thought leadership as a coach so others want to work with you, even if they aren’t in your original niche!
  • Making decisions for your business operations informed by your actual data instead of guesses and gut feelings so your success becomes repeatable and consistent.

Instead of being stressed out because...

  • Your marketing isn’t resonating with your audience, so your engagement and conversion rates (if you know them) are in the gutter.
  • You don’t have a clear direction or purpose for your business (other than making money so you can survive.)
  • You feel overwhelmed by trying to stand out in a crowded coaching market
  • You’re constantly changing your offers, strategies, and pricing in the hopes of stumbling on to something that will finally work for you.
  • You know you should niche down, but the idea of limiting your market freaks you out. 
  • You’re spending more time figuring out the software and tech to manage your business than actually getting and serving coaching clients.

I get it.

Because I'm also a certified business coach!

Hi, my name is Ashley Clayton, founder of the Tech + Marketing Made Easy Membership and a self-taught tech and organic marketing expert with over a decade and a half of hands-on experience in all areas of tech and marketing and navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape and certified business, tech, and marketing coach.

I started my coaching business journey after unexpectedly losing my job at the beginning of 2021 and have been putting my experience to work for myself to build my coaching business while also balancing my regular job, marriage, family, and social life. 

I’m able to do all of this through the systems I’ve developed and I want to help you create systems to set you free in your business so you can focus on getting back to coaching your clients.

Being a certified business and marketing coach, I recognized a gap in many coaching programs that focus on coaching skills without addressing the comprehensive business side. I bridge the gap between coaching expertise and business success, offering simplified solutions that empower coaches to focus on their clients. My mission is to provide coaches with practical strategies and systems for building and scaling their coaching businesses, while simplifying the complexities of technology and marketing.

Let’s navigate the digital landscape together and unleash your coaching potential. 

Ashley wearing her Techlahoma button while enjoying some time at the Collective in Oklahoma City.


What my Clients Say

"I was able to identify where our gaps were for marketing and how we could optimize the tasks our team was doing so we could save time and money. I love knowing there's an expert to turn to when I had questions."
"I got a clear picture of the next steps and how it would benefit my business to take those steps. Ashley is amazing. I specifically liked her practical explainations that were relevant to my business. There's no fluff."
"I no longer feel intimidated by the analytics side of my business. I know that I have a basic understanding of the analytics side. I feel that Ashley is really approachable and I know I could reach out to her for more information and guidance."
Annie B - Certified Coach
Annie B.
Certified Coach

What would your business look like if: 

  • You weren’t stuck on the content hamster wheel?
  • You had a trusted technology and marketing guide to give you real answers to your questions instead of canned advice?
  • You had a clear roadmap and guide to help you make your tech and marketing easy and simple so you can get back to focusing on your clients?
  • Instead of continuing to DIY alone, you joined others on the same journey who understand what it’s like to build a coaching business from scratch?

Introducing Tech + Marketing Made Easy for Coaches
Beta Launch

The Coaching Accelerator Success Path™

Tech + Marketing Made Easy starts with building the right foundations for your business

Foundation Builder


You feel overwhelmed by tech and are unsure where to start, but are eager to learn and build your skills to succeed. You’ve likely spent hours Googling things, learning through trial and error, but not yet seeing tangible results.

That's why We'll focus on:

  • Getting your business foundations identified and documented since they will drive everything from the tools you select, how you market, and what goals you set and how you measure them.
  • Setting up your basic tech software based on what you REALLY need to get started (surprisingly, it doesn’t include a website.)
  • Creating your initial branding so you can show up consistently in the way you attract your audience through your messaging and visuals. 
  • Dialing in your initial niche so you can start attracting your ideal clients and standing out online. 
  • Covering the basics of marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and Google Analytics 4 so you can create informed plans in the next phase.
The second phase of Tech + Marketing Made Easy is being a strategic planner so you have a clear path unique to your needs to move forward.

Strategic Planner


You have your basic systems and software in place, understand tech’s role in your business, and have a basic idea of how to market yourself online. You’re unsure which strategies you should focus on first or how to know if they’re working in bringing you the right customers without getting stuck on the content treadmill.

That's why We'll focus on:

  • Creating strategic plans that will move your business forward based on your annual goals but focusing on operating in 90-day cycles.
  • Building an actionable measurement plan to get the data you’ll need to know what’s working or not in your business. 
  • Identifying the best primary and secondary social media channels to leverage to grow your audience.
  • Developing a content strategy based on keyword and market research so you know you’re creating content people crave as you shift focus into taking action on the plan you created in the next phase. 
Tech + Marketing Made Easy's third step is intentional creation and execution of the plans you've created.

Intentional Creator


You have a plan based on your business goals that supports you personally. You feel confident in moving forward because you are seeing results and the power of data in helping you adjust and create the high-value content your people crave.

That's why We'll focus on:

  • Building your content creation systems so you can create the content you need, then get back to coaching.
  • Understanding how people find your site and landing pages so you can know where to focus your efforts. 
  • Using monthly planning and weekly reviews tailored to help you identify the key steps toward reaching your goals.
  • Setting up your website for success, whether you are just getting it up for the first time or optimizing it for better SEO potential. 
  • Starting to incorporate automation into your business systems that are working so you can free up more time for what you’d rather be doing in your business. 
Yellow background with plain, white puzzle pieces coming together.

Amazing Analyst


You are consistently creating content and reviewing the metrics that matter on a regular basis. You feel ready to scale your impact but want to ensure you set yourself up for success instead of overloading yourself and your systems.

That's why We'll focus on:

  • Identifying what’s working in your business and developing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) so it’s easier to delegate if hiring down the road.
  • Setting your own benchmarks for your measurement instead of relying on broad industry standards so you understand your unique customer journeys and market behavior. 
  • Adjusting strategies based on the results you’re seeing so you can continue to move toward your goals.
  • Setting up a content database to identify your best content to repurpose, recycle, and guide future content creation. 
  • Conducting quarterly business reviews so you can continue to set and achieve your annual and 90-day goals. 
A series of stacked wooden blocks forming the image of a rocket ship in the process of being built by a woman's hand.

Impact Optimizer


Your business energizes you as you look for new ways to serve the audience you’ve built. You stand out from the crowd as a thought leader and want to expand your offerings and audience to scale and grow your business without burning out.

That's why We'll focus on:

  • Optimizing your opt-in, landing pages, social, and automated email sequences through A/B Testing.
  • Completing your first content audit and adjusting your SEO strategy to gain even more visibility with search engines.
  • Create your PR, Media, and Collaboration Plans to increase your authority and reach, knowing your systems are ready for the influx of new business those appearances bring. 
  • Building your Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) system so you can continue to build and refine your thought leadership and learning all in one easy-to-reference place.
  • Setting up Dashboards so you can get the information you need for your business in one place instead of wading through all the numbers in your various analytics systems.

What does "Beta" Mean?

It means that I have my proven roadmap, but I’m still building out all of the content that goes with teaching it, so there’s not a ton of things to binge-watch without taking action.

This is a good thing for you because I’m focusing on creating each month’s training based on what my community needs and wants. This also means you have time to implement and ask questions. 

Unlike a course, however, you don’t have to keep up or feel like you’re falling behind because I’m there for ongoing support and to answer those questions when you have them, not when the topic is covered.

The best part is that I’m able to offer a special “beta” rate that you’re locked into for as long as you’re a member, which means that as the cost of the membership goes up when I launch to the public, your price will never increase for as long as you’re a member.

You also don’t have to shell out thousands monthly on a CMO or CTO. You get someone who understands the unique needs of coaching businesses and can answer your tech and marketing questions with just one monthly cost!

There are currently 11 Beta Spots Left

What's Included

LIVE Monthly training with replay access on a topic from the Coaching Accelerator Success Path™ often based on member voting.

LIVE Monthly Q&A calls for specific questions related to the program or implementation.

Private Facebook™ Group where you can ask questions, share your wins, and connect with others who are also building their coaching business.

Monthly Co-Planning sessions and Weekly check-ins to share and celebrate your progress toward your goals.

A growing library of workbooks, planners, templates, and other resources specifically designed for coaches.

Join Now

Monthly Beta Rate
$ 55 Monthly
  • LIVE Monthly training with replay access on a topic from the Coaching Accelerator Success Path™, often based on member voting
  • LIVE Monthly Q&A calls for specific questions related to the program topics or implementation
  • Private Facebook™ Group where you can ask questions, share your wins, and connect with others who are on the same journey.
  • A growing library of workbooks, planners, templates, and other resources specifically designed for coaches.
  • BONUS - Notion Business HQ + Aligned Project Management System ($69 value)
  • BONUS - Quickstart Session and customized success plan ($325 value)
  • Your monthly rate stays the same as long as you're a member.

Join Now

Annual Beta Rate
$ 550 Annually
  • Everything in the monthly plan PLUS
  • 3 Strategic Quarterly 1:1 Quarterly Coaching Sessions ($1200 Value)
  • Get 2 Months FREE! ($110 value)
  • Your annual rate stays the same as long as you're a member.
Save $110


Notion Business HQ is a centralized system to keep your coaching business aligned

Notion Business HQ

One of the keys to success with your business is to have a centralized system to keep your business organized and aligned. With this bonus, you’ll get the basis to start building your own custom system to make your tech and marketing easy. Includes – Business Foundations System, Aligned Project Management System, and more modules to come to provide you with the systems you need to build a scalable coaching business.

$69 Value

Yellow chair with a laptop

1:1 Quickstart and Quarterly Coaching Sessions

No need to wait for a specific training! Since I know the material you need might not yet be available, I will help you create a customized plan so you can get results quickly as a member. 

If you join at the annual rate, you’ll get a 1:1 session each quarter for your first year to help you stay clear on the next steps on your journey.

$325/$1200 Value

Frequently Asked Questions

The people who get the biggest benefit from Tech + Marketing Made Easy are those who are willing to experiment, play the long game, and are passionate about the work they do and getting their thought leadership out there.

People like some of my past clients, Crystal Chantel, who took my last Google Analytics Workshop and got the data she needed to understand what was and wasn’t working on her website.

Or someone like Anna Runyan, who was looking to grow her search engine visibility so she could grow her coaching and certification programs. After implementing the strategies and knowledge contained in Tech + Marketing Made Easy, she increased her search visibility by 43%, and click-throughs to her site surged by 53%, with impressions increasing from 674K to over 1M within five months. That increase in traffic helped her meet her goals of filling her coaching program with highly engaged clients.

I’ve also used these strategies to write a marketing playbook with over 100 automated text, email, and call campaigns that helped hundreds of independent loan officers fund $6.8 billion in loans in 2020 while saving them a collective 629,343 hours and put 206,132 families in homes. 

If you see yourself in any of the stories I just shared, and you once and for all want to leverage tech and marketing to strategically and sustainably grow a thriving coaching business, Tech + Marketing Made Easy is for you.

You’re not ready for Tech + Marketing Made Easy if you’re looking for a “silver bullet” or “quick fix” for your business. You can’t short-cut getting the data and analytics you need to identify what’s working and even the best SEO strategy can take 3-12 months to show real results depending on where you are in your business. (But once you’re ranking, you get to continue to reap the benefits of high-quality free traffic from Google and other search engines!)

You’re also not ready if you’re someone who just wants to “kind of” check things out. You can’t “kind of” create a thriving coaching business. You have to be intentional. Getting these types of results takes a commitment to succeed. Would you want to fly with a pilot who “kind of” knew how to fly? Or would you rather have a pilot who is committed to mastering the necessary skills and keeping up with their industry so you don’t have to? It sounds like a silly example, but it’s a perfect analogy.

You also might not be ready if you’re quick to dismiss something as “not working” or “tried it once and it didn’t work for me.” Failure is part of the process and I’m here to help you figure out why something might not have worked and how you might try in a different way. 

Tech + Marketing Made Easy is for people who are committed to doing what it takes to create a thriving coaching business. If the intention and right attitude isn’t there, this isn’t the program for you and it’s best not to join. 

Absolutely! I had the privilege of working with Anna, who was facing challenges in her coaching business. She was investing significant time and money into content creation and ads but wasn’t sure if it was getting her the results she needed. As ad costs rose and competition increased, she wanted a more data-informed approach.

When Anna and I connected, I provided her with a comprehensive solution that combined tech expertise, marketing strategies, and coaching. We began with an SEO and Analytics Audit to align her goals. Together, we identified her ideal customer’s search intent, optimizing her site for targeted keywords.

Through personalized coaching, I helped Anna build confidence with understanding how to read analytics and SEO reporting and provided the “why” behind the strategies implemented. She gained a clear roadmap for her business and an understanding of the tools needed to drive future growth.

As a result of working with me, Anna’s search visibility increased by 43%, and click-throughs to her site surged by 53%, with impressions increasing from 674K to over 1M within five months. That increase in traffic helped her meet her goals of filling her coaching program with highly engaged clients.

Her journey to ranking #1 for a target keyword was achieved in just three months. Anna now has a reliable reporting system for data-informed decisions, and she’s attracting the right customers through effective marketing strategies.

Anna’s words capture the impact: “I was able to identify gaps in our marketing and optimize tasks to save time and money. Having an expert to turn to for guidance was invaluable. I recommend working with Ashley if you truly want to understand the benefits of Google Analytics and SEO.

Anna’s journey exemplifies how the convergence of tech, marketing, and coaching can lead to remarkable growth and business transformation. If you’re seeking a personalized, results-driven approach, I’m here to guide you, just as I did for Anna.

I understand your skepticism, considering everything you’ve likely already tried or invested in that didn’t work out. I approach things from a strategic perspective first because your strategies should drive the tools you use and how you use them, not whatever my preferred platforms or affiliations. Your business deserves a unique approach instead of a cookie-cutter template based on what worked for someone else in a different market. 

You need technology and marketing data to know what really moves the needle in your business so you can do more of what’s working. That answer will be different for every coach, as it should be. The problem you run into with most courses, products, or other programs is they don’t take things like your niche, experience level, resources, or goals into account. Through Tech + Marketing Made Easy, I’m able to really get to know you and your business and provide more complete answers to your challenges. 

This program is also designed with enough time to implement between training releases since I only add a new one each month. Many courses focus on moving through lessons quickly but don’t offer any implementation support outside of the initial period. Because this is structured as a membership, you get all the implementation support you need, so you can act on what you learn whenever you happen to learn it, either catching things as they’re released or revisiting them months later! 

Yes, you can find a lot of information about tech and marketing online. But there’s a big difference between finding information and learning how to apply it effectively.

In Tech + Marketing Made Easy, I teach you the specific strategies and tactics you need to grow your coaching business. I also provide step-by-step instructions and templates so that you can implement the strategies without any hassle.

Here are a few key differences between what you can find online and what you’ll learn in Tech + Marketing Made Easy:

  • Expertise: I’m a tech and marketing expert with over 15 years of experience helping others grow their businesses. I’ve literally done everything you’ll learn in the program, and I can teach you the best practices and strategies that work. I can also provide deeper answers specific to your business and strategies, which isn’t something most online articles take into account. 
  • Relevance: How do you know that the information you’re looking at isn’t outdated or is using an approach rooted in a different strategy? Without being in the industry like I am, you’d never know it was outdated or based on tactics that worked 10 years ago but aren’t relevant for today’s digital marketing strategies. 
  • Clarity: I simplify complex tech and marketing concepts into easy-to-understand language. I provide step-by-step instructions and templates so you can implement the strategies I teach you without hassle. 
  • Structure: Tech + Marketing Made Easy is a structured program that will take the guesswork out of what you should focus on in your business. There’s an optimal order to setting things up for success and trying to piece everything together can leave out some crucial puzzle pieces if you don’t know about them. 
  • Community + Support: Tech + Marketing Made Easy is built around a community of coaches who are all committed to growing their businesses. You’ll have access to support and accountability from me and other coaches in the program.

You don’t need a lot of time to commit to Tech + Marketing Made Easy. The program is designed to be flexible and scalable as you grow so that you can work on it at your own pace. You’ll also have access to recordings of all the training sessions to catch up on anything you miss. 

Approximately 1 hour of training material will be introduced per month, often with additional tools and resources to help you implement. Of course, the time it takes you to implement varies on your ability and experience. I’m always available within the community if you have questions or get stuck. 

The live calls will usually be held on the second Wednesday of the month at 5 pm ET / 2 pm PT for the monthly training, with the Q&As happening the fourth Thursday at 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT, but there will be an official calendar you can subscribe to if one of the live sessions needs to move for any reason. 

You’ll always get access to the replays and the Q&As if you can’t make it, and you can also submit questions ahead of time for either the training or the Q&As. 

I bring together my practical, real-world tech expertise, strategic marketing understanding, and coaching certification to provide you with a comprehensive perspective. This unique blend allows me to guide you through the intricacies of tech ecosystems and marketing strategies. You’ll gain the knowledge to make informed choices, whether that’s taking control yourself or making the right hiring decisions.

Tech + Marketing Made Easy is a digital program, so I do not offer refunds. However, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. If you cancel your subscription, you will have access to the materials through the end of your current billing period.

I am confident that you will be satisfied with Tech + Marketing Made Easy, but I understand that some people may hesitate to join a program without a refund policy. I am committed to helping you achieve your goals and support you every step of the way.